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Reach out if you have a question not addressed here

Can you come over and exercise the dog while I am out for the afternoon?

I'd be delighted to! Play toy, give love, through a frisbee.  You got it!

Are you able to pop in and feed the cat and change the litter box?

Absolutely! Food top off, fresh water, clean box, scratches and rubs included in the price.

My pet needs to go to the vet. Will you take them?

We can discuss this as there would need to be a few things setup at your vet for this to happen.  For example - your credit card would need to be on file with the vet and I would need to be made an authorized human for them.

What kind of gardening work can you do?

I'd be happy to water your garden(s) and even do a little light weeding if needed.  No one wants to return home after a trip to a dried up veggie or flower garden!  So I'd be happy to use an onsite hose to help keep your plants hydrated.

Do you have experience with rare or exotic pets?

Please be specific if you need assistance in this area.  I do not have much experience with reptiles, amphibians or insects.  But I do have experience with dogs, cats, horses, goats, chickens, ducks, bees, fish, etc.

You do bees, too!?!?!

I do have a shared hive with a friend of mine.  We had to move the hive to her house as I had a bear knock it over at my house.  But I am familiar with feeding sugar water in the summer and rock candy/pollen cakes in the cooler months.  We are both WA state certified beekeepers since 2020. If your hive swarms, you might want to reach out to WASBA for assistance from a more experienced beekeeper.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

Things happen to all of us - no worries! You can manage your bookings online.  Please cancel or reschedule within 24 hours of your service.  That is just kind and respectful to both of us and another person who might need to book that slot.

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