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About Me


I have worked in IT for 35+ years. I’ve worked for some of the biggest tech companies for more than a decade. Then the Corona Virus hit and everything changed. Even as hard as it was to adapt and continue to provide world class service to our customers, we figured it out and excelled. And like many people across this nation, I began to very much dislike my day-to-day. I began to question what I was doing and could I be doing more. The world had changed - was still changing. And I wanted to change also. I needed more. From myself, and from heart. 

I’ve been a hobby gardener and urban farmer for a decade now. Raising chickens, growing tomatoes, green beans, potatoes and such. Learning as I go and expanding my “farm”.

The one thing that I had always wished I had was someone honest, reliable and dependable to help me take care of my charges. Everyone has to be away from home from time to time because life happens. Having to coordinate with friends during the summer is difficult with busy schedules. 

Then the “Rona” hit and I expanded my charges even more. I’m not gonna lie, I panicked at the start and ordered way to many chickens online. I was able to rehome some of the birds to good homes with friends. But I spent months trying to lock things down so that I could go away for the weekend. I’ve got it under control now, but time away takes a lot of planning. 

During the “Rona”, I’ve been able to get a lot done! 2 greenhouses, several raised garden beds, chickens, ducks, goats and bees (I got my Washington State Beekeeping certification). This along with my dog and 2 cats. 

So I understand the importance of taking care of your homestead, even when you need to be away.  The idea for Urban Farm Hands came about years ago, but I was too busy to do anything but wish someone else would do it. Now is the time for me to make this happen. For my friends, my neighbors and my community. I am adapting what I love into the new normal. 

I am also a Washington State Certified Beekeeper (WSBA member) since 2021.

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